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Tue Sep 12 15:58:10 CDT 2017

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                            Newsletter #158
                           September 12, 2017

Release of the h4toh5 Conversion Library and Tools Version 2.2.3

Version 2.2.3 of the h4toh5 Conversion Library and Tools is now available
from the HDF Downloads page:


It can be obtained directly from:


This release was tested with HDF 4.2.13, HDF5-1.8.19, and HDF5-1.10.1, and
contains many changes, including:

o Numerous improvements were made to the tools. For example:

   - h4toh5 now follows the HDF5 dimension scale specification to handle
     HDF4 SDS dimensions

   - "h4toh5 -eos" can now convert a 1D HDF-EOS2 swath to HDF5.

o Memory leaks in the library and tools were fixed.

Please see the Release Notes for complete details on what is new with this


For questions regarding these or other HDF issues, contact:

   help at hdfgroup.org<mailto:help at hdfgroup.org>

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