[Hdf-forum] HDF5 running on ARM V 7 processor

Gerhard Kreuzer gerhard.kreuzer at liftoff.at
Fri Aug 19 08:34:43 CDT 2016

Hi Gerd,


my problem is, that I am not familar with low level cross compiling.


I can write C/C++ projects with my VS2015 and this projects get compiled to
my target hardware, no problem.

If there is some project which contains the source for HDF5 PInvoke 1.8,
this would work.


I also can reference native (unmanaged) dlls from managed (C# or VB.net)
code, so there is a way I can use such dlls containing the HDF5 stuff.


I actually wrote runtime critical code, which controls some hardware in C++
and packed this code blocks in a dll, which is called by my application
written in VB.net. Works fine.


If HDF5 isn't native and is based on some ,net Framework version, than my
.net Framework is CF 3.9, which is a subset of  the full framework, cause it
is for embedded systems. Now it depends what HDF5 is using, if there is only
native file IO there isn't a problem ahead I think, but if  it is using more
complex functions of  the framework, maybe we run into troubles.


So is there a way to get a VS2015 project containing the HDF5 stuff and
compile it into one / or more dlls?


You did it for Raspi, but you used the Linux derivate running there, sorry,
but I can't use any kind of Linux here.


With best regards




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