[Hdf-forum] HDF5 running on ARM V 7 processor

Gerd Heber gheber at hdfgroup.org
Thu Aug 18 15:45:26 CDT 2016

I think there are several issues here:

HDF.PInvoke.dll (.NET "Any CPU" or "ARM")):

For the time being, you should stick to the 1.8 family of HDF5.
The 1.8.17.X NuGet packages won't help you though, because they target the
.NET 4.5 framework and include native dependencies only for x86 and x86_64.
What would be the equivalent Compact Framework version?
(Or you would have to build HDF.PInvoke with an earlier .NET framework target,
i.e., 2.0, 3.5 or 4.0)

hdf5.dll, hdf5_hl.dll, zlib.dll, szip.dll (native ARM):

You'll have to compile the HDF5 library for ARM. At the moment, cross compilation
is a pain, but if you have a native build host (GCC + Autotools) this will work
just fine. I've built it for Raspberry Pi 2 (ARMv7) and 3 (ARMv8) under
Raspbian (Debian) with good success.

Once you have those, you should be good to go. (Build UnitTests.dll for a sanity check!)

It's not a configuration we've built or support, but there's a good chance that it'll work.

Best, G.

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Hi Gerd,

the Compact Framework 3.9 is a subset of  the normal .net framework. It is made to allow development of .net applications which should run on embedded devices, which normally didn't use x86 processors.

As far as I know, the project template I have to use to develop apps take care of all that stuff. I use drivers for USB chips from FTDI and I have to download special drivers built for  the ARM V7 processor.

I hoped that hdf5 only relies on very basic functions like file IO and far as I see, this functions were similar to  the standard implementation.

I added a shot which shows the outcome as I tried to use nuget.

I am not so familar with this mailing lists. I tried to replay in the forum, but I get an error, which told me, that I tried to use a restricted area ...

With best regards


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