[Hdf-forum] HDFView and dynamic filters

Андрей Парамонов paramon at acdlabs.ru
Tue Aug 26 00:54:07 CDT 2014

26.08.2014 0:51, Allen Byrne пишет:
> Correction: the VAR is HDF5_PLUGIN_PATH.
> Allen
> On Monday, August 25, 2014 03:47:28 PM Allen Byrne wrote:
>> Andrey,
>> I am working on this issue, however could you try setting the
>> HDF5_PLUGIN_DIR environment variable to the path to your dynamic filter.
>> Keep things simple like SET HDF5_PLUGIN_DIR=C:\\ProgramData. Then try using
>> hdfview.

I think the bug is that HDF5_PLUGIN_PATH specifies relative, not 
absolute path now. I could workaround the problem by adding
set HDF5_PLUGIN_PATH=plugins
into my hdfview.bat and dropping plugin dll into C:\Program Files 

Btw, I have noticed that INSTALLDIR is not specified correctly in 
hdfview.bat, for HDFView x86 installed on Windows x86-64. It starts with 
C:\Program Files\ but should start with C:\Program Files (x86)\. So, I 
had to tweak hdfview.bat to get it running.

Best wishes,
Andrey Paramonov

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