[Hdf-forum] HDFView and dynamic filters

Андрей Парамонов paramon at acdlabs.ru
Fri Aug 22 10:20:23 CDT 2014

Hello everyone!

I've just implemented custom HDF5 dynamic filter (LZ4 compression), and 
it works nicely when I register it "statically" in my code.

I have put my plugin lz4.dll into


But when trying to open compressed HDF5 file in HDFView 2.10.1, it says:

Can't open directory or file.

My loyal servant procmon.exe reports that HDFView tries to access dir

C:\Program Files 

which is erroneous.

Is it a known bug in HDFView?
How can I fix the problem?

Best wishes,
Andrey Paramonov

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