[Hdf-forum] HDF5 v1.8.12 - run time problem

Nitya Hariharan nty at MPA-Garching.MPG.DE
Sun Aug 3 11:28:02 CDT 2014


I have an application that I have compiled with and linked to HDF5
v.1.8.12. I am also using a library, CHOMBO, that I have compiled with
the same HDF5 library. When I try running the application, I get an error

HDF5-DIAG: Error detected in HDF5 (1.8.12) MPI-process 0:
  #000: ../../hdf5-1.8.12/src/H5Edeprec.c line 400 in H5Eget_auto1():
wrong API function, H5Eset_auto2 has been called
    major: Error API
    minor: Can't get value

Please can someone let me know what this error is related to. Is the
application calling a deprecated function? The release document of
CHOMBO says the following

"Chombo has updated to use the HDF5 1.8 API, although support for the 1.6
  API is still in place for this release. This means (among other things)
  that the -DH5_USE_16_API compiler flag is no longer required."

I have not used the -DH5_USE_16_API compiler flag while compiling, could
this be causing the issue?

Thanks in advance.



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